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Version 0.953b

• Age and location to random picks
• Serving cached profile blobs when logged out
• Caching module can now remove outdated cache blobs
• Profile scoring issue
• Reinforced measures to prevent caching of individualized information
• Layout overlap issue involving long user handles in the upper right header area
• Search now includes outer age limits
• Security: Posts now provide a more secure url to access public or private post threads
• Cached files now check for automatically overwrite outdated data with new data
• Site keyword and description metatags
• Daily database cleaning now includes accounting, notification, and messaging
• Cleaned up private post user labels
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Version 0.95b

• "First 5,000" supporter appreciation program
• Youtube links in posts will now automatically become embedded playable movies
• Block profiles
• Report profiles
• Report messages
• Upgrade button in top navigation area
• Private post buttons now listed on profiles
• Supporting member's message history button now listed in profile navigation other profile buttons for easier access
• Administrative changes
• Changed scoring for deactivated profiles
• Editing profile "looking for" would cause inaccurate selection to be made
• Editing a post would remove the attached image reference
• Float to Int rounding error in destination long and lat that caused Place Search to report erroneous results
• Distance calculator in Place Search during pageination
• Rare instance when Keepers List post would appear in public streams
• Display issues with post sorting algorithm used for stream posts
• Moved Last activity for supporting members to the main profile info area
• Changed how removed or deleted profile labels and links appear
• Relative dates now processed on client side
• Dates older than 30 days are displayed in absolute rather than relative dates
• Caching client now capable of caching dynamic pages
• Demoted header tag of the URL buffer used store AJAX page loads
• Rebuilt automated database backup system for more efficient memory use
• Modified Donation page wordage and layout
• Removed Google Checkout payment option
• Randomized most recent profiles list above stream
• Meta search no longer provides menu response to non-supporting members
• Keepers List posts are no longer visible by direct link by non-keepers
• Version page is now visible to the internet
• Notifications menu and mail notifications are now more sensitive to interaction
• Image posts when logged out are now linked to inline modal box
• Administrative and security changes
• Viewing public posts when logged out is a more user friendly experience
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Version 0.936b

• Some pages now served using server side dynamic page caching, increasing parsing times by a factor of 50
• Completely rebuilt search from front to backend, new faster algorithms, new bigger layout
• *New* Places Search for supporting members allows users to search different locations anywhere in the world
• *New* Meta Search for supporting members allows search by username, user id, or email address
• Proximity menu to search
• optimize image directory and cropped image references
• Skip button to image crop
• Misc administrative oversight features
• Automated profile removal system
• cropped profile images in posts
• dozens of misc bugs
• Payment date bug
• Selecting stream type also sets the post visibility
• Rebuilt site head navigation with new layout
• Adjusted some of the welcome area search and layout
• Reorganized upper right navigation menus (settings and account menus)
• Upgraded search standard position selector to new custom range selectors
• To increase performance "latest profiles" and "random picks" are no longer individualized
• Search order for all searches now based on users activity
• Rebuilt stream layout items
• Invite message now supports html for yahoo and aol users
• Donate page wordage
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Version 0.934.5b

• Profile image gallery updates appear in keepers stream
• Image posting bugs
• Beautified missing image placeholder
• Same profile range limits now reflect as single choice
• Clicking on gallery image generates smaller Silverfoxie Plus notice
• Began dating assets to ad smoother updates
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Version 0.934b

• Stream source choice; all or keepers
• View followers for each individual post
• Profile deactivation procedure
• Reply indicator to inbox and sent mail
• Attach images from public, private, or misc galleries to stream posts
• Search by age to welcome keeper search
• Added upgrade popup to welcome page
• Stream pictures are now expandable
• Clear button to profile ranges
• Location bugs
• Cropped images in some views
• After logged in through a separate session, an existing browser window with logged in status becomes unresponsive
• Stream button and mail button in main navigation is now responsive to repeat clicks, loading fresh content
• Coding error which prohibited search by preference
• Upgraded site wide javascript framework
• Migrated to a new leaner model box (lightbox) with better mobile device support
• Microsoft IE 6,7,8 support degradated
• Optimized database for speed during complex queries
• Keepers list order of appearance
• Payment buttons are more visible on payment page
• Upgraded search standard html age selector to new custom range selectors
• Modified donation page wording
• Modified thank you page wording and layout
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Version 0.933.6b

• Minor image crop, post, and framework bugs
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Version 0.933.5b

• Major Update: Ranges to profile preferences
• Admin announcement functionality to stream
• Age calculation error
• Minor payment notice & messaging issue
• Whitespace removal from code to optimize parsing
• Progress bar on image uploader moved to the top of the loading area
• Inline form response (error) messages are now more contextual
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Version 0.932b

• Streamlined donation and payment page
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Version 0.931b

• Account menu now has "Who's keeping you"
• Cryptic error message when changing profile visibility
• Cropping no longer offered to touch (mobile) devices
• Minor bugs involved in generating and calling profile picture
• Styling issues in message list
• Streamlined image uploading and cropping for desktop and mobile devices
• Changed how framework handles birthdate fragments
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Version 0.93b

• Editability to posts and comments in post view
• Post are now able to be shared
• Posts and comments now have an options menu
• Starred messages now have a designated category
• Major issue involving max age limit search values
• Minor security issues
• Numerous layout and typeset issues
• Issue causing images from mobile devices to orient improperly
• Profile age display issue
• Limited viewability profiles will not show up in random or newest profile picks
• Major change, we are storing cropped image references separately from originals in the database, allowing local caching permissions to be relaxed. This will make a huge improvement regarding page loading times
• Terminology changed for profiles with "relationship" selected
• Terminology changed for profiles selecting no "position"
• Additional whitespace allowed in profile text, posts and comments
• The look and feel of post options in the stream
• Users can now send up to 5 invites
• Some administrative and database maintenance
• Landing page style update
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Version 0.925.9b

• Improved Internet Explorer 8 support
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Version 0.925.7b

• Plus menu
• Supporting members can view last login of any member
• Supporting members can see their message history going back 1 year
• Chrome 23 jQuery bug affecting AJAX page loads
• Misc minor bug fixes
• Removed expandable section from full page profile lists
• Improved serving time for static pages
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Version 0.925.2b

• Increased accuracy of geolocation
• Google Maps API for accurate country names
• Silverfoxie Plus premium package branding
• Short links now link directly to posts
• "Latest Profile" module score accuracy
• Backend image management
• Increase search algorithm efficiency by a factor of 20
• Tons of layout issues
• Location is now mandatory for new registrations
• JS and CSS asset concatenation and compression
• Robot page caching rules
• Image caching rules
• Updated "share" buttons and function
• Basic "local" search now orders by most recent activity
• Country are now represented in long version
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Version 0.925b

• Version/changes documentation
• Account menu for access to basic and premium membership services
• Misc photo gallery
• Attach photos from misc photo gallery to post stream
• New profiles search for all members
• Advanced search for supporting members
• Preference based search for all members
• Visitors to your profile list for supporting members
• Geolocation API integration
• International support
• Referral incentive program
• Latest profiles module to stream page
• Main navigation text labels
• Donation button in upper right navigation bar
• Notify all thread contributors upon new thread comment
• In some cases, email change confirmation would send to null address
• Latest logins accuracy
• Search distance limit accuracy
• Backend image management
• Profile data handling issues
• Notifications bugs
• Tons of misc bug fixes
• Direct posts from non-supporting and supporting members
• Registration process has been streamlined
• Comment mentions now iterate first 5 commenters in comment reply field
• A minimum of profile information is now required to use search filters
• Multiple stream post comments mentions are now merged in to one entry
• Profile posts link only clickable if post content is available

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