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We've rethought every aspect of online dating. For starters there are No Ads and supporters get some amazing features.


Pictures are important

Face pictures first

Singles want to see who they are planning to meet, so Silverfoxie is filled with face pictures of silverdaddies. Your up-front experience here is tons of big colorful G-rated pics, with the option of seeing *more revealing* content any time you choose.


Everything you want

Nothing you don’t

Silverfoxie has a clean simple interface that makes sense. Supporting members benefit from mind blowing features you won't see anywhere else; constantly updating Keepers List, stream posts, full screen images, as well as all the usual premium features other sites offer. These features make it easier than ever to meet a silverdaddy.


What’s on your mind?

Posting to the stream

A great way to find out if a silverdaddy is your type is to follow his stream. Likewise, posting to your stream is also a good way to attract someone who’s your type. Your stream will be filled with posts from anyone in your Keepers List.


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