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Tommy Bear

I am in search of a new partner, lover, potential husband.  I am LTR Oriented I had 1 LTR FO…

Long Beach, CA

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5' 11"



194 lb.






Just a note I only chat with or email guys in my area that I can meet in person within one week of first messages, I am not looking for chat friends or c2c etc. I do not have nor will I get, facebook, web cam, hang out, skype NO Skype or video chat I am not into long distance chat or videos sex I want a man in my arms when I do it not on a video screen.

Looking for a ltr, but we must date and mate to find the right guy. I am educated, I like to travel, bowling, hiking, camping, theater, movies, symphony, history etc etc etc

I seek a young man under the age of 45 with a lean build who wants to top and very masculine macho man. he he he


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