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Passion – Integrity – Strength






6' 0"



225 lb.






Passion-Integrity-Strength – looking for same
I am just beginning to think about dating again. School keeps me busy. However, it is time to move forward. I see myself as a Man of integrity kind/compassionate, loyal, loving and tender yet strong, physical contact is important, a man who believes in making the world a better place.
My Likes; outdoors, reading, movies, travel, music, peace and quiet, horses/animals, good food and wine, a good cigar and occasionally my pipe, a few good friends vs big parties and crowds.
Honestly, I have not had good luck in relationships and it has left me rather leery. I know myself well enough to know that I prefer to be in a relationship or at least dating. I don’t need someone else to feel complete, I know who I am and what I want. I will no longer accept less than what I want out of life (or a partner).  
If I were to build a man for me, he would share my values. He would be passionate, mature, loyal, a man of integrity, kind/compassionate, not to materialistic, a Gentleman, humble.He would be sexual but not to the exclusion of the more important parts of a relationship. He would feel free and proud to hold hands in public, even a kiss upon occasion. I prefer younger men (say 33 – 45), little or no body and facial hair, not skinny and no more over weight than I am, not too tall or too short. He would laugh a lot but not at the expense of others.


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