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Chubby, but not a chub or bear. Just a chubby middle aged guy. Oh, categories. I enjoy Foolishness, adventure, happenstance and schadenfreude.
I don't really enjoy schadenfreude. Quite the opposite. Just thought I would see who is paying attention.






5' 10"



225 lb.






Beat of my own drummer. Wise and mature, but many folks have described me as young at heart. I can be adventurous, I can stay out til 3AM dancing, I can be a wise-ass, a risk-taker. In short, my age does not define my life and how I believe once should behave.

I own my own business, I have a artistic and creative side. I don't care so much what you do, as long as you are passionate about it. I would probably rather a starving artist then a soul lacking corporate type - but, you never know.

I am drawn to the quirky, the outliers. I am not drawn to people who describe themselves as "Very good looking" or "Amazing!" etc.  In fact, if you describe yourself that way and aren't mocking others, I probably believe you to be a narcissistically impaired sociopath. Which doesn't mean I wouldn't have sex with you, it just means I will probably feel stupid afterwards...But, I doubt we would last long in a dating situation.

I am an optimist forever grounded in reality. I think the truth is where happiness lives, not brain washing yourself with positive thinking - the new addiction of much of this generation. Life is difficult, but that doesn't mean it can't be full of joy and happiness.

I can be cheeky, smart assical ( I think I just invented a word) but ultimately quite warm hearted and kind.

Looking for my beautiful dreamer. Or, some ass.. ;-)


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