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Stockholm, Sweden

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5' 5"



154 lb.






I would love to meet my first daddy on this website. Ideally you are also discreet and you could fancy the idea of meeting where I am or where you are. a weekend in germany or UK.

I have little experience with men. I am attracted only to older guys. I want to meet a confident and decided daddy.

I dont want to meet many people. Ideally a daddy 55+ who would like to meet somewhere for a romantic/hot weekend.

I am interested in 55+, hopefully taller and bigger. I am open to all. I dont have gay experience but I want you to lead me.

I am a bit shy. want to be with a bigger daddy for a secret romance. Taller or heavier or both. Want to be dominated. never did but you teach me. Can travel for a date. ready to be loyal and exclusive. never tried anal.

open for adventure. have private gallery. can share more.

Can travel and get a guest in Sweden if all feels good. I can imagine travelling to my first daddy and he meets me up takes care of me and makes me his.

If you have a nice proposal or you like me. Email




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