Wakefield, NH

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190 lb.






Hi -  

I'm a man who enjoys physical closeness and sensuality, but I'm also very much open to the possibility of a loving long-term friendship/relationship with a younger man.  I'm also open to relocating.  I have a sense of humor and I'm a kind, honest and loving person.

I enjoy classic movies, reading historical mysteries, acting in community theater, travel, red wine, Asian-American food, pizza and being by the ocean.  

I love to cuddle and, for me, having a younger guy's head resting on my chest while I wrap my arms around him is as close to heaven as it gets.  I have a particular weakness for guys who are smaller in build, cute and boyish for their age.  but the most important thing to me is having a heart for others.  If you're not kind, you're not for me.  Sexually, I love oral, rimming, j/o and anal play.

Every friendship starts with a first "Hi," so don't be shy.  Leave me a message here or write to me at xxdenxx1 on the AOL with a dot and a com.  I also have other apps for communicating.  If you want to know more about me, just ask.  I hope I'll hear from you soon.  I know you're out there somewhere.  Also, I have now had both a first and second Covid vaccination.


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