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Looking for that younger man who loves to live in this world. I will find something interesting in everything I see and would like to find the man who can explore the world and everything it has with me.






5' 9"



200 lb.






56 year old who loves the fun and exciting things this world has to offer.  Ok , so I am attracted to younger men. It is that curious nature that they tend to have.  I have seen a lot but I have not seen it all.  I am open minded, judgmental, and a very loving man.  I am also kinky,  if it veers from the typical I am there.  My traits tend to be  the Dominant/Master and do seek out  submissive/ slave  men.   I always respect boundaries , have safe words and take on the responsibility of having someone submissive with me.  In my eyes and the eyes of my generation of leathermen, when we took on a sub or slave ,  their safety , wellness , health, etc becomes our responsibility.   I don't just tie someone up and do whatever I want.   But I also do not let a sub/slave do whatever he wants either.    This behavior is not 24/7.   and really its the toys that fascinate me and I have fun with. I also work very hard at being a gentleman,  I was raised that way and do have that expectation of gender.   I am all over the place with this but please feel free to ask me any question.
But that is not all of me.  there is much more.  my life can be typical throughout the week; work, gym,  clean house, walk dog...but when not in routine it is about exploration and enjoying this world and to enjoy life.  
not a very structured paragraph, so I apologize.  there will be more later.


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