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Gadsden, AL

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5' 6"



235 lb.






If I had a title for this profile it would be "fondle, suck, swallow."  I'll let my pictures speak for themselves about what I look like.  The only thing I demand is no facial hair.
Prostate removal 10 years ago left me with pretty bad ED and when I cum nothing comes out.  However, I still enjoy receiving but I most enjoy giving.  I am a widower so my schedule is flexible on weekdays.  However, my nosy step daughter and granddaughter live right next door so I can't host outside of school hours when the granddaughter finally goes back.  I can easily travel up to 100 miles, more if really necessary.  I have never had anal sex but if you want to I'll try being a bottom but can't promise.  No drugs, no pain.  That's about it but feel free to ask anything.



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