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Hey everyone,here's hoping for a better tomorrow,even though its a shitshow now,this too shall pass and we'll all tell stories and possible laugh about this....
I love serenity,I love long walks and I enjoy good conversation on a weekend evening...
I love to laugh and i love to think of outrageous things in my head for a good smile/smirk/
I'm Loyal,honest,I can carry a good conversations and I believe i have a good sense of humour...
I mean thats gotta come in handy lately,right?
Lost my partner to prostrate cancer few years ago,finally healed and ready to give love a chance again,
to love and be loved...
I love and appreciate the idea of a monogamous relationship...I love the dynamics of the older/younger relationship.
I not naive to think there's always a happy ending to every story,but i'll take the good with the bad as its what living life really is about...
ability not only to walk in the sun,but also dance in teh rain..
i want to live each day filled with love and passion,I've decided i want to help more,give more,do more and more important listen more.
Irrespective of how things are now,its a beautiful life and the sun is gonna shine even brighter again...
Stay safe and stay outta trouble everyone!


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