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I am looking for a relationship only. No hookups. I am not a top or a bottom. (I could top if needed). I am mostly oral receiving/giving, kissing, affection... foreplay.






5' 11"



224 lb.



* Just to let you know... you must be willing to take a photo with something I request like a name or word you are holding on a piece of paper or your fingers in a certain position on your face, head or chest to prove it is you in the profile. I will do the same.

I am either the 'Dad' type or the 'Grandpa' type. I don't do hookups and no one in my state knows I am gay except for close family members.

I am kind, compassionate, loving, caring and affectionate.

I don't think you can truly know someone unless you live them. I also know how difficult it is for people who are settled with a mortgage or great job to pick up roots and leave to go and live with someone else. But that is what I am looking for. I want someone who is honest enough about who they are and what they say... someone who would be willing to come and live with me after we get to know each other for a few weeks online, by phone and by Skype. I would give that person their own room so we could have a chance to get to know each other before seeing if we are both willing to see if we want to try and form a partnership.

We all come with our own various histories. I only care about who you are now... how you treat me and others and how you react to ignorant or hot headed people. Like I said earlier, I like younger mature guys.
I don't want to hurt any feelings here... but we cannot change who we are attracted to. I have a wide and diverse type of guy I am attracted to. While I am not attracted to obese men who are sloppy... I am admittedly attracted to younger guys ages 21 through 45. I am attracted to sensitive guys, confident guys... shy guys...geeks... guys who struggle to read and write to guys who are geniuses. You can be skinny, average or a few extra pounds. I am not attracted to effeminate men or men who have the gay lispy voice or use feminine/gay gestures.You should know that I am not and have never been a highly sexual man so much as an an affectionate and loving man. I like sex. I am just very vanilla. I am neither a top or a bottom. (I could top if I had to). I like caring, nurturing younger guys who are not looking for a sugardaddy.... but are actually and genuinely attracted to older men like me.



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