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Alger, MI

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Looking for Mr. Forever.....






6' 1"



350 lb.






What am I looking for?

A younger man who is in OK shape, likes older fluffy guys. Would not mind being my workout buddy and get me into better shape.

One that can hold a job, and pay half the bills. One that will help keep the house clean and help with the yardwork.

A guy who at some point will suprise me by having my initials tattooed over his heart. *I would do it for him*

One who likes to do home improvement projects and likes antiques, and the nicer things in life.

A guy who is more like a bro.  *I do like the "Alpha on the streets, bitch tween the sheets" dudes*

One who wants to marry me, and be with me for the rest of my life, no mattter how bumpy the road might get.

A dude that is a little redneck-ish and is happy with a Walmart T-shirt versus an A&F T-shirt

Someone to know as a friend and then as a lover.... who

A guy who likes to be a little wild in the bedroom from time to time

Someone who understands there is more to a relationship than sex, sex, sex.........

Is that you dude ?


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