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Ideally looking to mentor a young man under 25 in my field of Software Development, and who likes international travel, outdoors, roadtrips with a fun older pal like me to learn from. In you, I'm also looking for a competent personal-assistant type. Not hugely motivated by romance and sex alone. Getting things done and accomplishing goals is what turns me on.






6' 0"



165 lb.






I'm here to to find a live-in / traveling assistant. As a self-employed software developer with high functioning Autism, my challenges include time management, difficutly transitioning from one major task to the next, often feeling overwhelmed by my responsibilities, and stress around living up to my own expectations of perfectionism.

History has proven I do best with a young man who not only wants to see me succeed, but also participates in the demanding and sometimes unpleasant work it takes to get there. The right guy recognizes he is also my #1 collaborator, and I therefore actively participate in the achievement of his goals.

I like to get things done, but otherwise easygoing and well-rounded. I have a younger persona, I enjoy making jokes, cooking spicy food, baking bread, exploring cultures, food, and ideas.

Español. Français.


• Los Angeles — Mar 1-3
• San Francisco — Mar 4-15
• Lake Tahoe — Mar 16-17
• San Francisco — Mar 18-19
• Hwy 1 to SF to LA
• Los Angeles — Mar 19-20
• Durango — Mar 21
• France + Italy — May + Jun

I am looking to establish a connection oriented around assistant/mentor. I offer a 3-month live-in/travel arrangement, where we spend the first 6 weeks focusing on my top 3 goals, which are to :

1. Attain peak physical fitness while improving nutrition literacy.
2. Develop better time management and sleeping patterns.
3. Increase income, decrease debt.

If achieved, we spend the second 6 weeks focused on achieving YOUR top 3 goals. I have years of bona fide experience with building mutual trust, then supporting and mentoring young men. I lead a modest lifestyle, and I appreciate quality in food, experiences, and objects.

Please, only looking for serious candidates interested in the opportunity, and not just me.


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