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I like movies, music, long walks on the...oh wait, everybody likes those :) Looking to travel more…lots of places in the USA on my bucket list, and would like to have a good friend or life partner to someday share those experiences with, along with day-to-day life, which might include auto & home repair, local hiking, good food and whatever else.






5' 6"



150 lb.






As the older partner looking for younger, I have life experience to share, while my potential younger partner might have a better sense of adventure, and can offer insight from a younger person’s point of view.

I’ve never had kids of my own, yet my fatherly instincts still want to emerge. I would love to have a young man in my life to whom I can offer guidance, support and stability. I am very respectful and would not be expecting anything physical in the early stages of a relationship.  I don’t see you as a piece of meat. You are a person and deserve respect. When (or if) that time does come, I am gentle and patient. That said, I have always found myself to be into younger guys, especially with one or more of these characteristics: short, skinny, geeky, boyish looks. I don't expect a potential partner to have all of those, but maybe a few of them. My ideal partner would be mid 20’s to 30-something but that’s not a hard and fast rule.

Anyway...I've traveled a lot around the east coast to visit family or just get away. Many of my trips have been solo – I think it would be more exciting to share the experience! I want to see places that are off the beaten path. Some folks visit National Parks and take side trips to the outlying areas nearby. My tendency would be to do the opposite, like finding a campsite in the sticks of Wyoming, then take a day trip to Yellowstone. I like hiking and bicycling. I’ve climbed Mount Washington and it was a blast! I'm also interested in "rail trails" (old railroads or highways turned into hiking / biking paths). Would be fun to make Youtube videos on the road too.


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