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Gay/Poly/Pan/Guy: Seeking FWB, And Maybe More  

I'm seeking friends with benefits relationship with another guy, or
couple. We are looking for someone(s) to hang out with, spend time,
and perhaps even have sexual activities. I would like to start with
friendship/fwb because I'm committed to another person, and want to
make sure it will work.

I would describe myself as a cub, but your body and looks are second
to your personality (You can be in a pretty wrapper, and still be a
shitty people on the inside.).

Also, it doesn't bother your FTM, in fact, I've dated FTM a man
before, and honestly don't treat him any differently than a non-FTM
boyfriend. Also, I have several both FTM and MTF friends they good
peoples and love them. If you'd like another friend who will like for
who you are; I'm that guy. I'd like hang-out and get to know you as a
person. If interested shoot a message me.

Other Stuff About Me:
-I'm a clerk at the Meijer Bakery. I'm also a writer.
-I'm a really good cook.
-I'm a very friendly guy and an optimist about life.
-Books: Narnia Series, Potter Series, Five Love Languages and
Personality Plus, etc.
-Movies: Anything Mel Brooks, Potter Series, Fast and Furious series.
I love fantasy, and sci-fi movies the most.
-TV Shows: MASH, McGyver, Buffy, Angel, Charmed, The Flash, Arrow,
Legends Of Tomorrow, Teen Wolf, Haven, NCIS, Bones, etc.
-Music: Country, Alternative/Classic Rock, Oldies, Pop, RnB, etc.
(Depends on my mood, really.)
-Food: Coffee, Italian, Trying New Cruises (Also, depends on my mood.)
-Nudist: Not at all modest when comes to my body.
- I love strip games, so fun!
-Also, I am handi-cable. I have minor Cerebral Palsy or CP, but I can
walk and chew gum. I can do them at the same time. even. (Get over it
because I have to.)

Why Would You Contact Me?
-Something on there perked your interest
-You think we make awesome friends and/or FWBs
-Your a nudist too, and would like someone to "Hang Out" nude with.
-You'd like an adult playdate.



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