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Spent my life in Washington DC and am now home outside of Trenton NJ.  Interested in finding friends.






5' 8"



300 lb.



Stocky GWM living alone in New Jersey is looking for friends and even perhaps friends with benefits.  Searching for a likeable fellow who enjoys conversation and good times.  I am versatile but like to be serviced.  I can host.  Worked for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC for most of my life and have been around the world more times than I care to remember.  I desire to find someone with a good sense of humor.  I am of ukrainian and polish heritage and was born in Scotland not too far from Glasgow.  My parents and I took Cunard's Queen Mary to New York when I was still a kid --- the Queen Mary is the ship that's a museum now in Los Angeles.  Suffice this albeit there is so much more to say.



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