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Happily engaged to my Prince, he is more than I ever hoped for, and he will be my husband. I love you Jake






6' 4"



240 lb.






I had become jaded and a little cynical about finding my younger partner. I had been scammed, catfished, and lied to by so many guys, yes even on this site, that I was starting to lose hope.

But then, out of the blue a boy comes along who is perfect. I have never seen age as a barrier, but there are too many gay guys who do. I've been called so many things just because I wanted a younger partner. I knew there was the perfect partner for me, but finding him was proving to be damn near impossible.

Well, it isn't impossible. Like a lightning bolt from a clear blue sky, my perfect Prince found me, on here. I have never felt a love this strong or felt so connected to another person. We have been made for each other, we instantly meshed into one loving unit and will spend the rest of our lives together making one another blissfully happy.

To my fellow older men, don't give up. I am living proof that such a boundless love is possible, that finding the perfect younger partner can happen. Don't let the scammers turn you bitter, jaded and disappointed.

I love you my future husband. You have made me the happiest man in the world. All you naysayers can suck it.


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