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I have my romantic side; also a tough-minded side. I can be many things, and I don't think a summary would do me justice. Maybe I'm textured. I'm an "artist type," if that means very much. I also write and dramatize and illustrate; but a lot of me is about thinking and wondering. You'll meet me and wonder, What is he thinking? Ask me, I'll tell you. I value words, I value honesty.

I've been kind of a loner. Not much into big crowds and partying and "friending." I think "drama" is lame and boring. But if you want to pick one guy for the friend of your life, I'm it--a great It. With people I don't know, I tend to be more of a listener than a talker. Is that a good thing? I think so. Sometimes it's hard to get heard in this world, isn't it? But give me a chance and I can turn witty and interesting. True that.

What are we looking for here, you and I? Not computerized "matching", but: Would it be "motivating" to spend some time with the guy?--the Charge. Part of that is sexual, but not all of it. Guys want to *feel* something, some energy or excitement, not just take a meeting. Of course, if your table-mate is alluring, that adds a bit of a frisson to the hour, yup. I'm here, maybe for Cupid's arrow if it happens to happen, but more so to explore closeness and to be in touch with the lively world around me. That is, you.

I prefer younger men who are mature, loyal, truthful, and kind. Really, you should have a car and a job.


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