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Be ready for fun. I will make you laugh and you are destined for a good time. I love to help others. You will be entertained, wined and dined if you like. I am masculine but a good "take care of you" type.I am casual, out, do not smoke, drink occasionally, drugs very occasionally, Zodiac Pisces.

I am creative, adventurous, musical and objective. Kissing and passion are art forms. I am deep in many ways. Looking for a life partner. 7.5", Cut, Versatile/bottom, HIV Positive Undetectable over 20 years

Love hiking mountain trails in the desert hills or the forests around the world. Finding a hot spring is a delight, traveling, music from opera and jazz to folk. Movie buff. Piano player...

Love a big heart in my arms, a big smile on your face, a big tongue In my mouth and a big cock In my guts. I will not settle. Have had two LTR.
I am a devoted partner above all. If honesty, integrity, trust and loyalty, mixed with passion, fun and creativity are what you seek...write me. I can do this life alone, but it sure would be better with a kind and loving partner.


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