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Entering the dating scene for the first time. Excited to try

Chico, CA

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I work 4 10's climbing rotten bee infested trees and live in a little apartment in the back end of town. I am really stoked about this year. Im honestly having decent fun. Thought I might just bring all this new energy and have a relationship with a man of maturity.






6' 0"



148 lb.






I will say for now that I love the outdoors. Anything to do with nature interests me and a lot of it relaxes me. I love the desert and the life that dwells there. I'm not an intensely passionate person which is something I can change. I have my life figured out well enough so while I have the chance I want to try meeting new people. I want more experience. I think I'll always want my mind blown a little more than I started with. There is so much to life to enjoy I don't want to hoard it for myself so thats why I'm here specifically. I want someone to want me that's all.


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