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Everyone's life is designed differently. It has its own unique twists and turns. Mine is no different. However I am content with what life has thrown at me.... I am goal orientated and focused on my not a perfect creature but working towards my perfection,am in search of the man that will trust me,the man that will respect and love me forever,the man i can do anything for to see him happy,the man that will take me to the alter to be united with him,am not into a night stand,but an everlasting relationship that will last me forever till the end of time, If you are that man OH "Where have you been all my life"?cant wait to meet this man and am sure you are out there in search of me,i pray i see you soon,am a gay who have good sense of humor,any decent man who is single should hit me up,age to me is just a number and the type of language you speak matter not to me,all i need is to be loved by a real man... It doesn't matter if you are somewhere across the world. I guess that is what social media is for...connecting people across distances.....


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