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I am a 57 year old gay man seeking a younger gay man, 25-40, honest, real, fit. I am 6.0, 220, a bit overweight and kinda bearish. I am seriously seeking a LTR. I like guys in good shape, muscular, (muscles are a big turn on for me), and please, this is a drama free zone! I have had all the drama I can take. I am a man of very meager means at this time. I live in the high desert of Southern California. I am a photographer and film maker, I also have a thing for real estate and those are the directions I am going in. I want someone who shares the same interests. This is a no bullshit calling, so please be real and honest. I am a tree hugging progressive libtard, please be the same :-) I care about people and the environment and I have the non profit to prove it! I am seeking a man who is GAY, not Bi, and out like I am. I am too far into my life to pretend to be something I am not.



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