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Romantic And Adventurous Older Bear Looking For Partner In Crime

Lynchburg, OH

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I am older, but that doesn’t mean I’m old.  I’m a dreamer (and I love to dream big, actually), but that doesn’t mean that I’m not grounded in what is practical and realistic.  I have an artistic side (I love photography and creative writing); but I also have a nerdy and intellectual side. I feel just as content laying under the stars and discussing the finer points of quantum physics as I do on a romantic candle-lit dinner. I am a man of so many facets that it is hard to encapsulate them into the text of a personal ad. So, let me just sum myself up with the following:

“I am a 42 year old bear… a thinker of big thoughts and a dreamer of big dreams.  I am a man who lives a stable, adventurous, and wonderful life, who is looking for that one amazing guy that he can share it all with.”

As for what I’m looking for in a guy, these are not hard and fast rules.  They are merely guidelines:

I’m looking for a guy who’s smart and funny.  I’m usually attracted to guys who are younger than me, but how much younger depends on your personality.  I’m attracted to guys who know how to be loyal to someone else… who know how to make their partner feel like they are important to them.  I prefer guys who are out; but, if you are still in the closet, I would never allow myself to be treated like a dirty little secret. I’m VERY attracted to guys who are romantic, and I’m even more attracted to guys who are bookish and nerdy.  (Guys in glasses come straight to the front of the line!)


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