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155 lb.






Hi,thank you for taking the time to look me over. I love to laugh and enjoy a younger mans company. Become friend and build trust in Share life experiences with each other. you can find sex with any young horn dog that may stay around for the short quickie and thats ok. I was young and because of my heart was not open from a previous hurt or break up some of the BEST that really cared about me not my dick or a** but me and the person that I was. Only later as I healed I saw what I let go and he was too hurt to try again. With some it a cycle hard no pun intended, to break. Be real at least know your basics of who you are, selfish nah lyre nah,no communication nah real dudes. Life is full of users do not be one as I am not and can prove it. Fake is like glass you can see right through it maybe not in a few days or weeks but the truth always sets you free. Cut only, goody trail a + hangers a+++ no shaven till we begin that journey and then each other decide as some body hair is HOT like a Stallion. Not a size guy and No I am not a sugardaddy as in $ but have a lot of positive motivation for the right young man. Intimacy is very difficult to find but oh when you allow to learn.....the human touch bro is something you will not forget like a great massage. I am easy going I do not drink or smoke or do street drugs. I have been blessed with one soul mate and hoping to find another. Age bracket 21 to 35 I seem to get along with young men. Oh, a good kisser and enjoy our time from the rest of the world. Candles lit fresh sheets and hold each other tenderly..but can be mild to wild. The best is foreplay. Do you agree? Thank you for ur time Jeff


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