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come with maturity, wisdom and experience as a sane, sober, 'n mature, ddf, educated, semi-retire…

Portales, NM

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Am looking for a  younger guy that would enjoy the company of a dad or grandpa who is kind, thoughtful, courteous, polite, loving, caring, intelligent and just a decent guy to be around. Someone who will appreciate you. My career was education, therefore I enjoy younger people who exhibit similar characteristics to mine. I've a lot of skills and experience to share if there's interest, and it would be nice if you were someone willing to share in some of the chores of life.  

  The perfect guy will probably not be just down the street or in the same town for either you or me.  Real estate ownership prevents me from relocating, hope it doesn't for you.   Please don't pass up what you might be looking for.

  Me? I don't smoke,  rarely drink (and never to excess - rarely more than just one). Also drugs 'n disease free, smooth skinned, shaved head, small moustache. Pet is a dog.  Live semi-rural on small acreage couple miles outside of a small  college town on the eastern plains of New Mexico. There's educational  opportunities, local jobs, decent living, mild climate.

 The right person to share life with is rewarding.  There's someone to love and respect who also gives mutual respect in return. both find time to spend with each other - to enjoy one another - a friend, partner, and confidant. Each gaining from being together, each having someone to fall back upon. Someone to hold at night. It won't work without monogamy either.... as the lack of monogamy introduces distrust and without trust, nothing else seems to ever work.

 If these values are something you seek, write, lets begin the process of knowing one another.


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