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Looking to date and make friends along the way.  Realistic romantic who could use some good company right now.






5' 11"



191 lb.






I'm an extroverted introvert - meaning I can do well with people and really enjoy it but it drains me. What feeds me is down time, taking a walk, a hike, even a trip to the grocery store. I love doing alone things together - like both sitting and reading, each doing work side by side.

I love to cook and bake. I bake a loaf of bread or two every weekend to last me the week. I can talk recipes and cooking for hours, so beware! LOL It's definitely something I have a passion for. I'm one of those people who find pretty much everything fascinating and I want to know more. I love to travel, I love to learn languages, I love to explore and learn about other cultures.

I don't drink. I'm not sure why that puts some people off but I'd like to put it out there. I love people who do drink (sometimes too much) and I have no issue with sitting and having my soda or juice while someone has a glass of wine or cocktail. I'm not great with drunks.

I've been single and I've been in relationships; I prefer relationships. But I am not in a hurry to get married. Going slow, really getting to know someone through dates and shared experiences, is my plan. (Ha! When do plans ever go the way they were thought out?)

I feel like I write really boring profiles. When I read others', I think, Oh! I should have said that! Or wow, that was so well written. But this is not wordsmithed, it's me. Hope you like it, hope it piques your interest enough to say hi.


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