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Hayward, CA

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5' 11"



125 lb.






I always get a brain block when writing this section. Age-32: Sex-Male: Location-Hayward, California: Sexual Role-Bottom: Height-5'11-ish (178cm): Weight-125 pounds: Hair Colour-Black: Built-Slim. I'm straight acting, till drunk (smiley face). Please do let me know if I have missed any. I should highlight that I'm not out to family, although they should be suspecting as at age 32 I have never had a girl friend.

Now the fun part: I love white wine, especially Chardonnay. I love music (all categories apart from Raggae and hardcore rap). I love going to museums, shows, movies. This Friday I will be going to SF Ballet performing Nutcracker, this will be my first Ballet show. I'm so excited. I would like to, in future, go to a live theater (play), and a concert. I love to dance when in the mood. I like going out to a bar or a club, I even have days when I like to snuggle in bed with a book, or on sofa with a blanket watching a movie.


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