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Portland, ME

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I'm attracted to hot, smart people. Brave is hot. Dorky can be hot. Kind is always hot. Self-confident and open-minded are very hot.






6' 2"



220 lb.






I like people who have opinions but don't take themselves too seriously. When I take myself too seriously it's boring. I try not to do it very often.

I love a challenge.

If I could be a superhero, I would be Underdog.

I'm not afraid of commitment but I'll also happily remain single/dating forever before making one with the wrong person.

I love the ocean.

Medical anthropology fascinates me.

I don't like hair on soap or cleaning the bathroom. Or bats.

I am more of a city guy but I like to visit the country on a regular basis.

If I never live in the suburbs I will be ok. Really.

Ferris Bueller and Don Draper are my heroes.

I was recently asked to choose ten words to describe myself. These are what I came up with: fearless, flawed, effusive, clever, keen, dapper, charming, vain, jocular, and fearful.

I love words.


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