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Wheat Ridge, CO

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Although I'm well aware that I do, perhaps participate in the current cultural "cult of the daddy", I'm not fulfilled by simply sex itself. As in any strong relationship, attraction is seldom enough. To it must be added the virtue of independence, empathy, communication, social sensitivity, intellectual simulation, shared passions, exquisitely mutual oddities, political leanings and similar worldviews, beloved books, inside jokes, shared appreciations for flavors and sounds each thought they'd always enjoy alone. A quiet bed-bound night together peacefully protected in the arms of one another while the world seems likely to crumble outside their bedroom window in a cacophony of chaos which seems far, far away to the two lovers whose bodies bend around each other even as they both drift into deepening dreams.

I'm on the hunt for the partner to whom I can be of use, stimulation both in spirit and in body. The man who will reflect both the best and the worst of myself back to me in love and with kindness. Someone who I respect and adore, admire and smolder with lust for.

Like me, that man must have more than a sexual fare or comedy of errors on his agenda. Surely we both deserve more from the other than to leap fraudulently into such a sobering symbiosis. I only expect from my other precisely what I, myself am capable of committing to. Anything else is hold unfair expectations too lowly or to lofty and in any-case unfair.

If such a man happen upon me here on this site saying these things here and now with such angst-laden laughable earnestness, then PLEASE deliver me from my own soliloquizing and take immediate action to shut-me-the-hell-up with a simple greeting-response in reply.

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