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HouseBoy seeks affectionate Dad

I am a houseman, personal assistant, caregiver, and handyman. I have been staying in a house that is being foreclosed on and the time has come for me to move out. I actually have quite a bit of experience housesitting, petsitting and caregiving. I am an honest, reliable, compassionate, understanding gay man in my mid-thirties. I am open to a variety of possible arrangements. Unfortunately, I am currently not making enough money to pay rent while I pay back a loan I had to take out on my vehicle. However, I am willing to do chores, tasks and other responsibilities in exchange for a place to stay.
I can clean house (bathroom and kitchen clean up, vacuuming), do laundry, run errands, some cooking, help with handyman stuff around the house, and care for your pets while your not at home, provide companionship and personal assistance. I also have references.
If you have a house and an available room that you'd be kind enough to open up to me, I can offer various services in exchange for rent. Please email me about any possible living arrangements you might know of...
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