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5' 8"



190 lb.






I want to live in a long-term relationship. I want to love and be loved with full body, mind and emotional engagement. I like large, masculine men but not large cocks...6 1/2" is plenty and smaller is fine. It's what you do with it that matters.
No rough stuff, abuse (physical, verbal or emotional). I'm a kind, gentle and loving individual and would like to live with the same. I'm very sensual and responsive to being touched both in bed and out.
I'm an Aquarian and an astrologer, so,  I will want to know the date, the place and the time you were born. A comparison of  our charts will save us from a possible train wreck. I like using knowledge to make my life better and if you think astrology is a joke, please go tell it to someone who's as ignorant as yoursself.
The man I'm looking for is intelligent, tho a gentle caring man without a strong, quick  mind would be welcome. I just have no interest in constantly banging into ignorance and limitations. I love to read, write and paint (I'm an artist). I love to  garden and cook (organic, non-GMO, fresh food). I would consider starting a small cafe in a foreign country.
I love to travel. I like going from one town/city to another, staying in the ones I like for extended squats. I've lived in: Japan (2 yrs with the navy) and Guatemala (3+ years, returned in 2008). I've lived a month or more, but less than 6 months in: Mazatlan, Tepic, Guatalajara, San Cristóbal de las Casas Palenque and Oaxaca City in Mexico; in Tragir and Korcula, Croatia; Budapest, Hungary and Rhodes, Greece.
Next, I want to explore Columbia and Equador for a place to retire, maybe start a cafe/gallery.specially I'm looking at Medellín & Cartagena, Columbia  AND  Cuenca & Guayaquil, Equador . Medellin and Guenca are more temperate places while Cartagena and Guaayaquil are coastal towns. Medellin means “Eternal Spring.”
I've been a painter/artist since 1970. I enjoy etymology, music, gardening, birding and spiritual/metaphysical studies. I'd love to have a small farm. But I'm not looking for another job.
You are mature and smart, funny and loyal. You might be an American or a Mayan. I am not concerned with race, ethnicity or personal history. It's who you are now. It would be nice if you were multilingualar. I have some Spanish, but I'm not even close to fluent. I understand much more than I can speak.
I'm handicapped when it comes to Tech stuff. I can learn, but I have to be taught. I'm an ex-bookkeeper and took accounting in college in the early '90s. I can build anything but not interested in doing physical work. My body will just break after a short period. I want to save the physical for you.
I'm financially stable and responsible. I can pay my own way, but paying for two might be stretching it.
If you're not bored yet, you may qualify as my partner.


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