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I'm 58 years old, 5' 7" tall, weigh about 255 pounds, have gray hair that's curly when it grows o…

Los Angeles, CA

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I'm 64 years old  -- 5 ft. 7 in. -- 235 pounds -- 42-inch waist -- wavy grayish-white hair -- steel-blue eyes.

I'm on the big side obviously, but I eat healthily and get lots of fresh air and exercise.

I seek the simple joys and beauties in life. I can be moved to tears by a field of beautiful flowers or the strains of a symphony orchestra.
I enjoy talking walks at the beach & the piers, watching sunrises and sunsets, having picnics, spending an afternoon in the library, driving late at night when there's no traffic....... I'm pretty much open to anything that's fun and safe.

I am a spiritual person (but not religious). I find spirituality in many places, in many ways and on many levels. I have a deep spiritual connection with the ocean. I love sitting on a beach for a good long time in awe of the Great Waters, watching and listening to the grand aquatic symphony that the churning and rolling waters create, carrying me away to a state of serenity and peacefulness.

I have two dogs and a cat. I've been an animal lover all my life and have had "furry loved ones" of one variety or another since childhood.

I like watching movies, both at the theater and at home. I lean toward comedies, suspense, vintage "flying saucer" and "giant insect" 1950s sci-fi flicks, sappy love stories, tales of the Triumph of the Human Spirit; and "The Three Stooges" (what can I say?!).

I won't be impressed by how much money someone makes, how big (or where) their house is, or what kind of car they drive. I'm interested in deeper matters - what I see when I look in a person's eyes. The dynamics that resonate from their personality. What kinds of things we are drawn into talking about.

What am I looking for here? Being realistic ... just looking for some good, clean, sensual, romantic, safe and sane sexual fun. I'm not looking for Mr. Right or to get married.

I am clean, healthy, STD-free, cootie-free and HIV negative. I only play safely. Those who want to play with me must be the same.

I'm not into drugs/alcohol or PnP. If that's your thing, enjoy it -- but it's not for me.

Overall, you could call me a Hopeless Romantic -- in the most positive and optimistic sense of the phrase. My life creed is:



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