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I am a self-aware man who will make you laugh (definitely) and who will laugh at himself (often). I am caring, loving, adventurous, trustworthy, respectful, positive attitude toward life, a great sense of humor, old fashioned morals, passionate, and made for only one real man. Love learning, different cultures, cooking, working hard for what I want/need. I can be somewhat social, but definitely not on the go, 24/7. I think its important to 'be still' sometimes. I live a healthy lifestyle....Like everyone, I enjoy dinner out, a play, concert or special event, or going to a bbq or dinner. Life is an everyday adventure.Love roadtrips, anything out of the ordinary. But don't mind staying at home relaxing weekends especially also cherish being at home and cooking or preparing a meal together, sharing a bottle of wine and each other's company, sleeping in, watching movie, cuddly with my partner.

Here's something that's HUGE for me "HONESTY" I don't think you can have a relationship with anyone be it family, friend or lover if you're not honest...honesty is the foundation to any healthy relationship. From honesty grows trust....I'm a very straight forward person.  I call a spade a spade.

Seeking a matured minded man whose confident and comfortable in his skin. Can you laugh at yourself (even sometimes)? open-minded soul? Painfully Honest? Either way please have closure on your past and know what you want for your future....We don't need to have the same interests or personality, It is fine to have our owns and share some....Just be yourself.


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