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Pebmarsh, United Kingdom

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Friendly, fairly shy guy looking for friends far and wide for meetups or email exchanges






5' 10"



140 lb.



Hi guys - oh shit what do I say here to complete strangers - the pressure! I think the introduction says it all really. I am originally from Ireland, I do like country walks, (which helps as I live quite rurally), cinema, travel as well as other things which I won't list. I prefer tolerant, clean, honest, sincere and respectful guys. I guess it would be nice to find new friendships with a few optional extras eventually, if you see what I mean. I find that being with younger guys is more uplifting and makes me feel younger too. I don't wish to generalise....but guys my age tend to moan a lot about life, (including myself at times), which can get quite boring. Anyway, before I dig a large hole for myself, I think I've said enough and hope it will provide you with a smidgen of an introduction.



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